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TDSmaker is a powerful, customisable alternative to
Canva which make documents easier.

We often get this question from users. Canva is a tool for both professionals and individuals to create visual designs. But their focus has never been to offer documentation software for technical documents like data sheets or tech sheets. If you’d try to use Canva for generating 5 pages technical sheet, you’ll see that the platform is not designed for the task. Although it’s a great solution for everyone without designer skills, you can’t use it to create technical documents.

TDSmaker is a different solution. You can create product or service data sheets faster and easier. However, TDSmaker is a wrong tool to design social media post visuals or Facebook header image. We focus to solve a few particular problems: save your time, reduce costs and increase document creation efficiency. TDSmaker is a unique cloud-based software, that we developed with love for those who work with complicated documentation.

The crucial questions are: “Am I able to use Canva for creating data sheets or can I use TDSmaker to design non-technical visual contents?” The answers are easy. But to make a good comparison between the two platforms, we first need to understand their features, core missions and problems they aim to solve. Let’s dive in!



Canva: Easy to use for both professionals and end-users (amateurs)

Canva is a graphic design tool which makes things simple for both professionals and amateurs. Canva provides hundreds of layouts with over a million photographs and font styles. Whatever your industry is everyone can find the template that suits their needs.

Because Canva is a design tool and its options are quite advanced compared to TDSmaker. In fact, TDSmaker has all the basic design features but doesn’t offer gigantic archive or graphical elements.

If you’re a blogger, social media specialist or a business owner, you’d spend hours to design great-looking visuals. Behind professionals, Canva is pretty much used by amateurs for personal social media accounts. There are many ready templates for any social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

TDSmaker: Helps professionals to save their time

TDSmaker is a web-based solution which helps you to optimize data sheet creation process. As we’ve already mentioned, the application is ideal for technical documents. It solves the problems of wasted hours and effort of technical writers, engineers, and marketing specialists. Notice that TDSmaker is not a graphical tool. It is dedicated to data sheets and technical documents of products or services.

Having spent many hours working with both Canva and TDSmaker it is hard to get confused between them. Both solve different needs and target different audiences. Because TDSmaker targets professional engineers, marketers, permission, and collaboration features are important for a document management platform. Although, both applications allow users to collaborate with their teammates. Yet, Canva doesn’t have permission management options on the visuals and documents.

Unlike Canva, TDSmaker offers to set permissions of users on template and data sheet level. For instance, as admin, you can restrict the permissions of users to edit templates leading to a uniform consistency on your design. Or, it is possible to limit the authorization of sales department to make changes on data sheets.

Shortly, Canva is for visual contents but TDSmaker is for technical data sheets.



Canva: Hundreds of layouts on many categories

Pre-made designs temples at Canva give you inspiration and ideas for social media posts. They are editable for your own work and PNG-JPEG-PDF file types enrich using scopes of Canva. There are hundreds of templates for categories like US Letter, Invitation or Poster. In contrast to TDSmaker, those categories are classified according to content type or area of use.

TDSmaker also has a templates library, but quite a different one. The software offers many similar templates for a variety of industries. There are designs for electronics, food, chemicals, etc… Two platform’s templates libraries have different niche markets. So, available templates are completely different.

TDSmaker: free data sheet templates for different sectors

First, TDSmaker is perfect for specifying technical characteristics and briefly presenting product properties. The template library of TDSmaker has well-designed and free data sheet templates. Each template is customized and tailored to a variety of specific industry needs. The main differences of TDSmaker template that each of the templates are designed with specific markets in mind. For instance, there is a template for food products, adhesives, digital cameras, and so forth.


Key Features


Canva: Strong graphic design tool

All the basic graphic design features that you need to design visuals are available on Canva with elements and editor tool. Of course, it is not a Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, but Canva is fulfilling your needs to create basic designs for your work. Adjusting a saturation or colour of a photo is easy and very similar to the basic photo editing tool on your social media app or smartphones’ Photo app.

Simplicity makes Canva strong and helps it to grow. Icons, free photos and shape elements provide rich library and wide options to users, this enables to save time. Moreover, another feature is the collection of text holders which are customizable with your own fonts and styles. The free version of Canva also includes many font types which make your design attractive and funny. Lastly, the downside of Canva is its low-resolution visuals, which don’t look good on printed materials.


TDSmaker: Update hundreds of data sheets in seconds

One of the most liked benefits of TDSmaker is the automatic update of design and elements on all data sheets with one click. Yes, it is a possible and awesome feature which save days of users who need to change data sheet design or generic text like disclaim. The design is not the focus of TDSmaker, it is used for the first step like preparing a master layout. The main function is creating and managing data sheets with team collaboration.

TDSmaker allows companies to integrate the website with the software. Small action will automate publishing and updating data sheets archive. This makes it is a very attractive service for users who sell products on their website.



Neither of the tools is superior to the another as they both specialize in certain niches. TDSmaker is a data sheet generation tool that is able to cut businesses costs. It makes it simple to create data sheets, spec sheets, tech sheets tailored to your products and services. Canva relies on photo and graph manipulation, making it ideal for those that wish to relay information rather than rely on others to look it up. While there is some overlap in functionality, both software is completely different. The best way is to use both solutions in conjunction with one another to maximize a business’s efficiency.

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