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TDSmaker is a powerful, customisable alternative to
Microsoft Office programs which make documents easier.

Microsoft Office is a widely used software for both individual users and enterprises. The package doesn’t require an introduction or explanation of its features, because even elementary schools cover computer literacy lessons about Powerpoint, Word, and Excel. It makes software accessible since it is pre-installed on every Windows computers by default. Since many computer users already know how to use Microsoft Office, it saves training cost for organizations.

We all as employees, managers, and business owners are used to familiar interfaces, software, functions. Majority of businesses move to Office 365 because they prefer to stay in a comfort zone and forget that there are innovative applications that are better, more efficient and effective.

Office 365 is a subscription-based software package, which includes regular Office applications as well as additional Exchange, Sharepoint, Microsoft teams. The last three are recent acquisitions of Microsoft, which aim to encourage online collaboration between departments and teams.

Unfortunately, not every software in Office package corresponds to the speed at which the technological world and businesses are evolving. Startup fill those gaps! Instead of Powerpoint, many started to use Prezi, a website with edgy templates and an interesting presentation format. Slack, a communication platform, drastically improves the speed of communication both horizontally and vertically.

The same goes for technical documents creation, especially data sheets and spec sheets. Although Microsoft Word and Excel are very sophisticated programs, they are not ideal for technical documentation. TDSmaker is a great alternative to Microsoft Office.

Due to the complexity of Microsoft Office 365, and a wide range of activities that can be performed with the software package from email management to creating presentations, we would like to focus on technical documentation and focus on data sheet creating process.

Let’s see how both software work and which one is better for you. (Disclaimer: there is no winner. Both TDSmaker and Microsoft Office 365 is great software for certain actions)


The usual process of working with data sheets is as follows:

1) Design a template
2) Create a data sheet from the designed template
3) Export to PDF file
4) Archive and share it
5) Upload on website
6) Update with new information

Also, you need software with fast access and organized information.


1. Consistency

With TDSmaker you are ensured to keep consistency in your data sheets from the beginning to the end. While creating documents, TDSmaker offers a great library of templates covering a variety of different industries from marketing and chemical manufacturing to electronics, software engineering.

Microsoft’s template library has many templates. One can find a sales sheet or brochure templates, but they don’t work very well in chemical or engineering industries. Most of the templates are basic and don’t have an appropriate layout for technical documents. Let’s compare two sales sheets templates and data sheets. In fact, the Microsoft template library doesn’t show any results for both “data sheet” and “sales sheet”. TDSmaker on the other hand, offers many free data sheets, product information sheets, sales sheets, spec sheet templates. 

Keep consistency in documents’ professional-looking design, permissions and access and overall document creation process with TDSmaker. If your graphic designer adjusts the brand color or font types in a master template, nobody from your organization will be able to disrupt corporate branding by mistake. And the most powerful feature of TDSmaker is that if you need an updated logo, text or change color you can easily update hundreds data sheet in minutes by updating the only master template.

2. Price comparison

Microsoft Office 365 has per-user pricing plans.

You can calculate the price yourself. If you are a 25 people team, then monthly payment is 10*25=250 USD (the cheapest plan)

The cheapest Office 365 give you access to regular package + One Drive. Business Premium, on the other hand, includes all “extra” new software.

TDSmaker pricing system is monthly or yearly based. Cheapest Microsoft 365 plan is equivalent to Professional plan with an unlimited amount of users, 20 templates and 500 data sheets. (Extra payments: In case you need a custom template, you can Purchase a custom design template for only $12.)

The cheapest TDSmaker plan is 49$/monthly but has restrictions to 2 users, 5 templates and 100 data sheets, which might be perfect for small manufacturing firms. All other features such as updating, analysis, unlimited archive storage, and permission management are available in all plans.

3. PDF generation

With TDSmaker one can download their data sheets directly as PDF. And it also updates the revision number automatically every time you revise something on your data sheet without wasting time on Word to PDF conversion.

MS Office 365 enables you to create data sheets but requires you to update revision number manually and it lacks automation. Also, there is a need for other tools in order to convert a file to PDF, which creates two files each time. In companies with hundreds and thousands of data sheets, the chaos is unavoidable. And ultimately an organization loses track of documents’ place, revision numbers, names. And overall it becomes hard to search for the right document.


4. Time-saving

TDSmaker is a practical solution for data sheet creation, it saves you a lot of time with features like automatic version management, one-click update, giving user restriction and directly downloadable PDF’s.

Dedicate all your precious time on creating a master template. After that updating and modifying content can be all done in just a few clicks. It makes sense to choose TDSmaker over MS office if you need software for creating some professional looking and amazing data sheets.

Do you need to update 100 datasets at a time?

On TDSmaker you can update hundreds of data sheet by changing only one, but whereas by using MS office to modify 100 data sheets you would need to alter each data sheet one after the other which means opening 100 files, editing 100 files and saving those 100 files. It seems pretty tedious task by using MS office. However, with TDSmaker you need to open a master template, make the changes and save the changes. Done! You just made changes to your 100 data sheets; it is as simple as that. You save not only time but also your valuable energy which you could use on some other productive activity.


5. Accessibility

Cloud-based software enables users to have access to all files anytime from anywhere. All you need for work is a connection to the internet. You can be in an office or a cave, but as long as your smartphone, laptop or tablet are near you will be able to check your colleagues’ performance, edit data sheets and analyze reports. You can also invite your stakeholders like distributer to access the latest version of data sheets.

Both Office 365 and TDSmaker allow users to use their files whenever they want to! To use both software, you don’t need to install anything.


6. Security

The most powerful advantage of Office is best-in-class enterprise-grade protection without the need for an enterprise-sized IT department.

Office 365 meets key international, regional, and industry-specific standards and terms, with more than 1,000 security and privacy controls that map to more than 25 key compliance certifications.

TDSmaker runs on AWS servers and also has token-based authentication to secure data. Also, TDSmaker uses SHA-512 hash to store user password so if even someone access user database he/she couldn’t see user passwords.

Both software gives you access over how employees use data across all organization. Moreover, both TDSmaker and Office 365 enable you to control access to your documents with customizable permissions. The software applications allow you to build a hierarchy of accesses and permissions. You can control who can edit, view or manage documents in the archive.


7. Website, CRM integration

Because TDSmaker is a tool for technical documents, we know how important website and CRM integrations are. Most of the documents created by regular administration in companies using Microsoft Office 365 are used internally only. Only the small part of marketing materials or contracts need publishing to an online resource. Engineers, manufacturing firms use data sheets, product sheets, and sales sheets for customers, suppliers, a company needs integration to website and CRM. TDSmaker enables you to integrate the software with your current site and automatically publish new data sheets or revise old ones.


In conclusion,

Microsoft Office is the most widely used software package, and 99% of businesses use it to create technical documents like spec sheets and data sheets. Majority of businesses moves to Office 365 because they are simply used to it. We wanted you to have a wider look at the software applications available in the market and see that you can find alternatives that suit your needs better.

TDSmaker is used in manufacturing, engineering, software, electronic sectors, and others. We create our software specifically to simplify technical documentation management and processes.

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