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Templates 2 5 10 25
Datasheets 2 100 1000 5000 10000
Storage 0.1 GB 0.5 GB 1 GB 1.5 GB 4 GB
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$28 billed monthly
$140 billed monthly
$275 billed monthly
$440 billed monthly

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have reached my limits in the free trial, now what?

You can upgrade your package now or later. If you don’t upgrade, we’ll keep your data for you for 1 year

Can I upgrade later ? What happens to my datasheets?

Don’t worry, we’ll keep them in your account for 1 year after your last login to TDSmaker. So they're available when you need them.

Why don’t you have online payment system?

We planned to launch this feature in 2017.

What are your benefits compared to the other softwares?

TDSmaker is your online tool and you can get access anywhere you have internet connection.

You don’t have to have designer skills or use any design programs for professional templates. TDSmaker allows you to edit your text, images, icons. etc. on the sheet without disrupting template design and layout. This is incredibly easy! It’s easy-to-use compared to other software and much cheaper than others.

We know that it’s not simple to keep template's format and branding by using Microsoft Office programs. Also, the updating of datasheets takes much more time with Microsoft Office, but use TDSmaker and update all datasheets automatically by editing the template design.