Glossary For Technical Documentation 

We’ve compiled a glossary of technical documentation terms
commonly used for your product materials.

Business Data Sheet

A business data sheet is about a business that provides details and specifications about its products and services. The data sheet includes information that can support in making a buying decision about a product by providing technical specifications, explaining features and benefits to a potential buyer.

Client Data Sheet

Client data sheet is a form-based document that is generally used by accountant or tax service offices, polyclinics, law firms to collect customer information and record it on an archive.

Client Tax Information Sheet

Client tax information Sheet is also known as tax client data sheet. It is used as a form to collect client information such as name, address, SSN to prepare tax documents.

Company Core Data Sheet (CCDS)

Company Core Data Sheet (CCDS) is an internal document that is created by pharmaceutical companies to present their position on the safety profile of any drug. The CCDS is one of the key documents for writing prospectus of medical stuff and used by marketing departments of drug companies for advertising and promotional tasks. The purpose of CCDS is to align the labelling of drug product across the globe and to have a “Reference Safety Information” for the assessment of the aggregate reports for the product.

Data Sheet

A data sheet is a document that provides details and specifications about a product or service. The data sheet includes information that can support in making a buying decision about a product by providing technical specifications, explaining features and benefits to a potential buyer.

Data Sheet Template

It is a master layout which contains branding elements and shows generic titles, subtitles and input fields for data sheets. Data sheet template is prepared in many file format like excel, word (most preferred), Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop. A new and web-based solution of datasheet design is TDSmaker. Datasheet writers use it to create datasheets that keep corporate branding consistency.

Data Tracking Spread Sheet

Data tracking spreadsheet is a datasheet used in industries to organize and track the performance of any action that requires a detailed analysis.

Design Specifications

 States essential qualitative and quantitative characteristics that set requirements and criteria to be satisfied in the production of products or its components. Design specification includes information such as performance requirements, dimensions, size, weight, colour.

Electronic Data Sheet (EDS)

Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) is an informative text file used by network configuration tool to help one to identify products. EDS specifies various descriptive and communication data for hardware devices, usually those within industrial automation systems.

Employee Data Sheet

Employee Data sheets help to organize information about employees. It is a list of all employees’ personal information. Usually includes data such as names, position in the company, contact numbers.

Fact sheet

A fact sheet is an overview of the critical information about your company, organization. It’s primary purpose is to give a reader easy-to-skim, a compact and concise summary of your business.

Functional Specification

 A functional specification/s is a formal document that described related details for software developers about products’ intended capabilities, functionality, appearances, and interactions with users. Sometimes functional specifications are called Technical Requirements Document.

Garment Spec (Specification) Sheet

It is a technical document of a garment product that includes all aspects of the product covering construction, package and labelling info, a technical diagram/ sketch of the garment, etc. Main and typical contents of garment specification sheets are a technical sketch, measurement chart, labelling, garments washing instruction, accessories instruction, company info, documentation info (version no, release date, etc.).

Marketing Data Sheet

A sales sheet is commonly used as a marketing channel that tells a reader what an item or service is and states benefits in a concise, clean manner.

Marketing Requirements Document (MRD)

A marketing requirements document (MRD) is used in project management and system engineering. MRD specifies the customer’s requirements and needs for the product or service. The document is a part of product marketing or product management.


A layout is a plan or a sketch arranging elements on a worksheet.

LED Data Sheet

LED data sheet is a data sheet presenting on a paper or electronically LED information to facilitate sales. LED Data sheet provides related information such as LED colour, light intensity (lv), LED current voltage specifications, reverse voltage, and angle of view specifications.

Project Data Sheet

This term is mostly used for software projects with PDS contraction. It defines project management details which contain project aspects, deadlines, milestones, terms of scope, resources, roles, tools, and methods. This document gives insight and reminds strategic goals to both customer and developer to evaluate the development process and project situation.

Product Data Sheet Template

It is a kind of document which defines and shows the main outline and content structure for data sheet creator. It is generally called as PDS. The professional looking product data sheet is essential for company prestige and makes a good impression on leads in particularly for B2B marketing. Thus, marketing departments prefer to use professional product data sheet templates designed with corporate identity elements to create PDSs.

Product Sheet

Product sheet is also known as a data sheet. It is a type of product document that contains a summary of the performance and other various technical features of a particular item: product, machinery, subsystem, materials, and other components. It is also created for an introductory page that describes specific characteristics of a product to the public.

Preliminary Data

Requires the coordination and concurrence of the responsible investigator to be considered as publishable. The data is commonly used in the field campaigns when data sources beyond routine ARM data are being acquired.

Product Data Management (PDM)

Product data management (PDM) is the software that helps to manage products’ data and process-related information in one central system. PDM helps to manage and organize data such as components information, manufacturing instructions, requirements, notes, and documents. The management tool is accessible by multiple team members across an organization and suppliers and serves as a support for business-specific needs.

Organization implement PDM software to secure data management, process enablement and configuration management.

Product Requirements Document (PRD)

PDR contains all the requirements for a particular product. The document helps people to understand what is a product’s functionality.

Product Specification Sheet

It is a document that provides essential information about a product and states the manufacturer. The information sheet includes a list of rules, bans, and standards that apply to the item. Product specification sheet also specifies the design characteristics and present the item visually.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

It’s a material safety data sheet (MSDS) or a product safety data sheet (PSDS) is a document that lists occupational safety for the use of various substances information. The document intends to explain how to use the product safely, define expectations and provide recommendations in case of accidents to recognize symptoms of overexposure and detailed procedure of what to do. SDSs is a commonly used system for cataloguing, organizing chemicals, chemical compounds, and chemical mixtures information.

Sales Sheet

A product sales sheet is a one or two-page documents used in sales departments to attract attention to a product or a whole product line. The sales sheet is commonly distributed through the mail, presented at meetings or distributed via emails to interested parties.

Semiconductor Data Sheet

A usually long 10-100 pages data sheet that contains information about a semiconductor. Semiconductor data sheet provides graphically and written information to facilitate a buying decision by providing technical information about the semiconductor.

Supplementary Data

Supplementary data is a supporting data that can be excluded and is not essential for inclusion in the full text of the manuscript. Nevertheless, supplementary data can be beneficial for the reader.

Specification (Spec) Sheet

A detailed list describing the specifications of a product and its properties.

Task Analysis Data Sheet

It is a variation of a checklist that helps to evaluate completed and open tasks considering defined specification and rules. The most simple example of a task analysis data sheet is the task data sheets used by teachers to follow students projects or homework tasks.

Tax Client Data Sheet

it is a form used by accountants or tax preparation offices to collect taxpayers’ information to calculate tax amount and prepare legal tax payment documents. Most requested information are taxpayer SSN, personal information such as name, surname, birthday, address.

Technical Data

Technical data is scientific or technical information recorded in any form or presented in any manner. Technical data is commonly used in engineering, research and development (R&D) or production, operations departments.

Technical (Tech) Sheet

A technical tech sheet provides physical, mechanical, electrical and thermal test data with an addition to fire, environmental, chemical or regulatory compliance information. Typically TS doesn’t include the long-term performance characteristics of the plastic and complex loading modes.

Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

TDS is a concise document with technical information about a product. Presenting such technical data is an essential step in progress leading to sales. Usually is considered as a critical requirement for analysis of product’s quality and assurance that it complies with the requirements.


Template is a master layout which covers titles, header, footer and input fields in an individual design.

Technical Data

Scientific data which is used in all departments such as research and development, testing, marketing, finance. Technical data is provided in many forms and methods, usually includes information in the form of blueprints, drawings, photographs, instructions, graphs, and tables.

Technical Document

It is the generic term for product documentation. It is mainly associated with the documents that are distributed to the interested parties by the manufacturer.

Technical Report

Documents recording an adopted procedure with the results obtained from the technical and scientific investigation.

Technical (Tech) Pack

It is a detailed and informative data sheet that designers create to communicate to manufacturer all requirements and components needed to construct an intended product. Tech pack included information such as measurements, materials, colours, labels, tags, etc. a data sheet is a vital tool for developing a product and improved communication between supplier and a client.


Worksheet is a sheet of paper on which one performs work. Worksheets can be physical or electronic. It is commonly used to schedule work, determine a working time, and give special instructions, solve problems and write down ideas.

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