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TDSmaker is a SaaS which is used for designing, creating and managing datasheets. For who haven’t heard “datasheet” before; let’s take a look at this term. The datasheet is a technical document which includes product or service information like description, technical specs, application etc. and used for technical marketing.

Most of the companies (our estimation: >99%) use Microsoft Office programs (Word and Excel) for product documentation. They spend too much time creating and updating for them. But many of us are not aware of wasted time and cost due to ineffective documentation methods. On this point, we developed (still improving) a solution that helps professionals to save their time for main jobs.

All of TDSmaker team works remotely. Slack is helping us for communication and we’re happy with this freedom which provides the chance to take a walk or going pilates within a day.

Please email `info[at]`with links that best showcase the things you have built and done. It also helps to include your Twitter/Instagram handles.

A moment from Istanbul when a celebration of December 29
A moment from Istanbul when a celebration of December 29