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Cable Engineering
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Show your engineering and manufacturing skills on this sleek template. Technical specifications are one of the most important aspects of any products. These will immediately stimulate any user’s curiosity into learning more about your products.

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You don’t have to have designer skills for designing professional data sheets. Start with a free template from the library. Or design your own template by implementing corporate branding elements.

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Get control over your data sheets by assigning permissions to your users allowing/prohibiting them to change, edit or just view your templates and data sheets.

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Easily link your data sheets to your existing delivery channels, as well as integrate TDSmaker with your website. And automatically publish new data sheets or update the old ones.

Get detailed reports about your data sheets

With TDSmaker, you can generate custom reports easily and analyze most viewed data sheets over e-mail or by website visitors.

Finally, a well-performing and the nicely designed tool to manage documents. My colleagues love pre-designed electronics spec sheets templates. They are customizable, easy to change but still keep our corporate identity.

David Clancy

Supervisor@ Cata Cable & Electronics

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